Vegan Mushroom Wellington

Wellington is originally from Ireland, so this isn’t really a Scandinavian dish but I’ve always wanted to create my own version of it. What makes your Christmas? For me it’s always been pastries, heavier food and wine… Have chocolate for breakfast, who cares it’s Christmas right??

It was so exciting to go to a supermarket in Finland, as funny as this may sound… Something I have in common with my boyfriend is that we both love supermarkets. I’ve really started to love food shopping and this time we had a chance to do this in Finland. There is so many options and brands for vegetarians as well for vegans. Earth Control is a great Nordic brand for snacking or cooking, healthy and delicious! I wanted to give the Wellington a Christmassy flavour by using Earth Control’s Salad Mix with nuts and dried fruit. This way you get protein and natural sweetness.

If you live in Finland, Sweden or Denmark go and check out their product selection. Hopefully the business will expand and this way we’ll get their products to the UK too.

 Link to Earth Control’s website




Veggie Wellington is pretty easy dish when you’ve got the right ingredients and the right puff pastry. There are many versions out there, but here is mine.





Olive Oil

400g Chestnut Mushrooms

2 Garlic Cloves

1 Red Onion

200g Mix of Fruit and Nuts – Earth Control

100g of Red Organic Lentils

1 Sweet Red Pepper

Chopped Chive

Dried garlic

Black pepper

Sea Salt


Puff Pastry

Oat/Soy Cream



Start by getting your puff pastry out so it can get to room temperature, so it’s easier to roll. Next heat up your oven to 225 degrees celsius. Dice your mushrooms, onion, garlic, sweet pepper and chive. Blend all the nuts and fruit in a blender. Add some olive oil into a large pan, adding the onion and garlic. Once they turn golden brown, add all the rest of the ingredients for the filling. Leave the mix to cool down before adding into the pastry. While your filling is cooling down, take some baking paper and on top of it roll the puff pastry so t’s a little thinner and a bit wider. Place your filling in the middle of one half of the pastry, so you can roll it over and then fold under both ends. Gently make few cuts on top of your pastry and brush the top with oat or soy cream. Place your dish in to the middle section of your oven for 30min until golden brown. This really depends on your oven, so keep an eye on your tray. Let to cool down and decorate with chopped chive.



Next one I’m going to try is with Spinach and vegan cheese! Such a great Sunday comfort food. PS. Try your Vegan Wellington with mustard… So tasty!

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Sweet Potato Gnocchi

My first go with sweet potato gnocchi – not perfect and needs improving, but it’s tasty! Gnocchi has simple ingredients, you’ll only need some flour and baked sweet potatoes. I saw an episode of Jamie’s 15 minute meals and thought “that looks fun!”


I wanted to make tonight’s dinner vegan, so I used milk-free butter and coconut based cheese. Before sharing this recipe for gnocchi, I want to make it perfect. The only way to keep improving and to make something taste amazing is by practising, and I need lots of practicing! Make something, think how to improve it and what flavours to add-on it. we’re all learning all the time. The best feeling when you nail it!


Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Stem Broccoli 


Pine Nuts




Milk Free Butter

Vegan Cheese



Makaroonilaatikko – Pasta bake

One of my first memories growing up must be my grandma’s cooking, the smells, radio playing quietly in the background and her smiling at me. Food has always been such a happy subject in our family, something to looking forward to and I will always thank my grandma for that. One of the first recipes I learned from her is famous Finnish pasta bake called Makaroonilaatikko, in English this dish is called macaroni casserole.

Makaroonilaatikko is still to this day a very popular dish in Finland. It’s a pasta bake originally made with macaroni pasta, beef mince, eggs and cream or milk depending on what you might have in the fridge that day. This dish is really heavy, so grandma always used to cut me few slices of cucumber as a side dish, her idea of a salad haha! And of course you would drizzle ketchup all over….

I wanted to take on the challenge to replace the meat and dairy, and make it as delicious as I remember from my childhood. Creating similar flavours, saltines and the right texture. Food is not just about the flavour, its colours and textures too.

You will need a large tray for this dish and a fan oven.



350 g Soya Protein

2 Garlic

1 White Onion

8 Sun-dried Tomatoes 

400 – 500 g Tomato Passata

1 tbsp of Balsamic Vinegar

Handful of Fresh Basil

Pinch of Black Pepper and Salt


350g Pasta

200g Vegan cheese

250ml Single Soya Cream

Half a cup of Water


3 Tomatoes


Start by adding some olive oil into your baking dish, you can also use any butter substitute as this is to prevent Makaroonilaatikko sticking once it’s cooked. I would add little bit of oil into a kitchen towel to spread it around, nice and easy.

Cook the diced onion until brown, then add garlic, your soya protein and other sauce ingredients together in a saucepan.

Boil your pasta al dente , this is not crucial as you will bake the pasta as well later on, just how I prefer to do it. Make sure you don’t over cook your pasta.

Once your sauce has the right flavour and pasta is ready, place both of them into your large baking tray and mix well together. Add soya cream, water and vegan cheese into the mix.

Slice tomatoes on top of your dish to add flavour and breadcrumbs to give the needed crispness. If you have any vegan cheese left, sprinkle the rest on top of your dish.

Bake your pasta bake at 175 Celsius for 30 minutes. You will see the top turning golden brown and this is a sign that is ready to take out.  Let it cool down before serving.

PS. Don’t forget the cucumber!