Vegan Spinach Hazelnut Pancakes

Have you heard about spinach pancakes before? I used to looove them when I lived in Finland and specially growing up, my grandma used to make these all the time but with dairy and eggs. Just one of those things that you loved growing up, but have kinda forgotten their existence until now. I tried to find some history for these savoury pancakes, but I couldn’t find much more than they are from the 18th century and they have been part of traditional home cooking in Finland ever since.

So how can you make these fluffy plant based pancakes at home?


You will need a high speed blender and a frying pan for this recipe.


1 tbsp of Flaxseed Linwoods

3 tbsp of Water

40g Fresh Spinach

150ml of Single Soy Cream Alpro Single Soy Cream

30g of Hazelnuts

200ml Oat Milk Aplro Unsweetened Oat Milk

2cm of Fresh Ginger

150ml of Self-raising Flour

50g Vegan butter Almond butter spread

1 tsp of Sea Salt

2 tsp of Brown Sugar

On top of the pancakes I added:

Oatly Cream Fraiche Oatly Cream Fraiche and Swedish Lingoberry jam from Felix





Start by mixing flaxseed with water, mix and let it set for 10min on it’s own. Flaxseed mixed with water works like eggs. This is a life saver in plant based baking.


Place your spinach, cream, milk, hazelnuts, flour, salt and sugar into your blender. Cut about 2 cm piece from fresh ginger, grate it and add it to your blender with everything else. Once your flaxseed mix has thickened for 10 minutes, pour this into the blender and mix all the ingredients well. I blended everything for about 30 seconds. You will see when all the ingredients are cut smooth and it looks like a nice pancake mix as in the picture below –


Take out your frying pan and melt some vegan butter on it before pouring any of the mix in. Remember not to melt all the butter at once, you will want to add little bit with every second pancake I would say. Otherwise your pancakes will taste just like butter and not much else.

“How do I know when to flip the pancake other way round?” When you can see lot of air bubbles on your pancake than you know it’s ready – see below –


This mix will give you about 10 pancakes, depending on the size you make them. So if you’re cooking for more people, just double or triple the mix ingredients and you’re good to go 🙂 Serve with Oatly’s Fraiche and Lingonberry jam, you find the links above.



Happy cookings and please let me know what did you think of my hazelnut pancakes?

thevegescandi x

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