Homemade Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate with raspberries, pistachio and coconut.

I have dreamt about homemade chocolate for so long – finally got all the ingredients together and made this. This recipe is really easy and goes perfectly with puddings or to have on its own. I love having this choco with ice cream.

Often we buy the cheapest ingredients, but when it comes to dishes like this – with better quality ingredients you will have nicer, silkier and more flavoursome chocolate.

For this recipe you will need a freezer, small pan and a small tray to lay the chocolate mix.




4tbsp Coconut Oil

4tbsp Raw Cocoa

2tbsp Almond Butter

2tbsp Buckwud maple syrup

Coconut flakes (wanted amount)

Raspberries (wanted amount)

Pistachios (wanted amount)


Place your tray into a freezer. Heat up the coconut oil in a small pan, so it melts but do not boil it as this will affect the flavour of your chocolate. Add raw cocoa, almond butter and maple syrup and mix well. Take out the tray from your freezer and pour the chocolate mix into the tray. crush and cut your pistachios and raspberries. Sprinkle these and coconut flakes into your chocolate mix and place the tray back in the freezer. Take out after 20 minutes or once you want to serve the chocolate. Enjoy!!

thevegescandi x