Kleen Kitchen’s Raw Vegan Workshop

Happy Friday!

Sorry guys it’s been awhile, I have been busy with my day job and all other stuff happening. Something new and exciting I did last week, I went to this raw vegan cooking workshop with Kleen Kitchen and it was absolutely brilliant. We went in, not knowing a lot about raw cooking, but the only thing we really needed was a sweet tooth!


That evening we learned to make energy balls, vegan cashew cheese (super excited about this!!) and a snickers style chocolate caramel tart. This was my first workshop that I have ever attended and really recommend you guys to try different ones you might have locally. You’ll get to meet different people with similar interest and learn to make something new, such a nice way to spend an evening. AC3E2617-93D5-4C43-8C24-E7D18F8CC10E

675D97C8-FE20-454C-8BF6-73ED39E68465The workshop was organised in this really cool little work space in central Brighton and everything was waiting us, ingredients, recipes and these goodie bags we got to take home in the end of the evening. I didn’t really have any expectations, but I’m so happy I went. I have previously made energy balls at home, but she used few more ingredients that I wouldn’t have thought about using so learnt something new anyway!

One of the sweet treats was this snickers style chocolate caramel tart. So good and easy to make! Did you know, that depending on if you place dates in cold or boiling water the flavour changes? If you’re trying to achieve caramelised flavour, add the dates in boiling water for 30 minutes and non-caramelised in cold water for 10 minutes. You make three layers – nut mix base, caramel filling with peanuts and chocolate topping. We decorated the tart with crushed peanuts, but you could use really anything on this. Next time when I am making one, I will want to try raspberries and pistachio – new vegan choco favourite. Look at this tart!! YUM.D6F8B87C-9D62-4E36-B011-E255F2A42B7CSo many people have asked me how to make vegan cheese and to be honest I haven’t had a clue! Still not a master on this, but will definitely know a bit about the whole process. I will need to make another post once I have tried this with the recipe I got from the workshop. We tasted loads of different ones, but the base in all of them was made with Cashews. The one thing that I didn’t know previously is, that you will need probiotic powder capsules to make your plant based cheese to get the right texture and flavour. 300D9C1B-CD93-4596-AE31-CA0B49381E28In the end of the workshop we had a little competition to decorate this beautiful chocolate orange cake and I won!! I got to take her homemade granola with me as a price. I have been having it with soya yogurt, almond butter and blueberries in the mornings – so good and healthy!79AC2111-15B3-463B-A2D3-8EA0D0F1C7C53A89F656-CC08-4A31-9D41-397444DF7FA5Do some research, go out and meet up with people in your area.

I was the happiest girl after the workshop and it made me realise, that this is what I want to be doing for living. Not sure what that will be yet, but it’s something related to food and making other people happy through great food.

thevegescandi x