Year of wellbeing

Did you make any promises to yourself on New Years? What I’ve learned from last year is to make realistic plans, and that life style changes take a lot of time. Last New Years Eve I said that I would drop my body fat down to 4-10%. This definitely didn’t happened and now I was a bit wiser and more realistic. I have set few fitness goals and also thinking ways to improve my general health, but don’t have any specific goals and it’s better this way.

Do you ever feel when you have a number or specific day that you have more pressure to achieve something? And are you more likely to fail? I definitely feel that way. Do your best and remember to enjoy life. Long term goals are the best and usually better for your health all together. There are so many diets for example where you lose 5-10 kg within X amount of time, but the thing is that if you’re not changing your lifestyle or bad habits, those kilograms are going to come back and all that hard work was for nothing.

“You are what you eat”, wouldn’t say this is entirely true but our food diet has the biggest impact on our health, how we feel physically and mentally, as well how we look. Easiest way to control my weight has been plant-based diet. I’m not saying that everyone should go vegan because it doesn’t work like that, but by eating more veg and cutting meat intake you will feel and see a difference in your body after few weeks. I went to see a doctor few weeks ago and she said well to “eat all the colours of the rainbow”, something we should all remember.

I got so many plans for this year, but haven’t taken the time to sit down and write them down. Sometimes it’s good to write things down, they feel more real for some reason. Have you thought about yours yet, what would you like to achieve 2019?

I want to make this year the best one yet.

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One of those rainy winter weekends in Brighton – I wanted to go for a run this morning despite the rain and 5 degrees celsius… I still sometimes make excuses to myself so that I wouldn’t go, but that’s ok we all do that. You would much rather stay in bed with your morning coffee and watch your favourite show right? And you know sometimes you need to do that as well, I love my coffee and Gilmore Girls on a Saturday morning!



Anyways I went for run and really happy I did. My mind felt so much clearer and body energised. It’s really hard to describe the feeling – you have to go and experience it yourself. My new favourite thing to listen on my run is a nutrition podcasts. It takes my mind out of the physical performance and teaches me stuff at the same time. So I learn and improve my fitness, how great is this!


After my run and a smoothie we went to grab some brekkie with my boyfriend’s family and I was happily surprised about the place! The cafe is in Brighton and it was called the Edendum. Great coffee and food – if you know me you know how much I drink and love coffee. Will need to go back to do some more research on this… Delicious food and really friendly staff. Perfect lunch.




This place is not far from my day job so they’re gonna see me soon hehe!

I also wanted to show you guys what I posted on Instagram yesterday. For the first time I tried these sweet potato slices and they turned out great. Sliced sweet potato with olive oil, coconut cheese, jalapeno, and herbs – yum! If you’re vegetarian, option to have them with cheddar instead of coconut cheese. Perfect party snack!


I am currently doing a dry Jan, that is pretty boring btw! But if you are too, or just not into drinking that much this SeedLip non-alcoholic spirit tastes like Gin – great alternative. Go and check out their website

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

thevegescandi x