Glazed Doughnuts

Was I the happiest girl today – I found a vegan doughnut cafe in Brighton and really close to my work. The cafe is called Glazed and it’s next to the Level Park. There aren’t many doughnut cafes around and specially not vegan ones, so this is super!

The Cafe has such a nice vibe – few tables and laid back atmosphere. You can have a cup of coffee and play some Nintendo, perfect spot to meet up with your friends and try some doughnuts after work.

The shop has two owners and I was lucky enough to meet one of them briefly today. They opened Glazed about three years ago. They felt that Brighton didn’t have any great places for doughnuts even though it was famous for them. They started practising and creating their own recipes and Glazed was born. The reason for specifically vegan doughnuts were to reach out for me people and make the cafe environmentally friendly. All the coffee is served with plant-based milk and the doughnuts are 100% vegan- the dream!


This time around I got some take-away doughnuts as I needed to rush home, but can confirm the rumours – these are great doughnuts! And they have got really good selection of flavours in the shop but get there early as they sell out quick.

All the goodness we got to enjoy today…





Next time you are in Brighton and on the hunt for something sweet, go and check these guys out!

You can find Glazed also on Instagram: @Glazed_Coffee

thevegescandi x