Helsinki, Finland

One part of our holiday was to visit Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I used to live in Helsinki the last few years before moving to New Zealand and it was so lovely to be back in town. The city is full of great food, art, interior design and the list goes on. Food and drinks are quite expensive but if you’re looking for some Scandi-inspiration, go and visit Helsinki.

I’m really lucky to have friends in Helsinki, but there is also decent price hotels in central. Year ago I stayed at Omena Hotelli Kamppi – really central and great value for your money. Nice, clean and modern rooms for about 70 EUR per night.

This time we stayed with Friends in-between Punavuori and Kaartinkaupunki, really lovely area – quite posh… You will find a lot of designer shops and art. Our friend described the area, being full of antic shops and older ladies with their poodles haha! To be fair I didn’t see any.




All the snow was pretty much melted, saying that we had some snow on the first day in.  All the roads are heavily salted because of the ice so people wouldn’t fell down all the time and cars crash into each other. Can get really dangerous! Once a year you would fell down and break something, and this was more of a rule than exception!  Just part of living in a cold country I suppose. One of things not to miss after moving abroad.

2018-12-26 18_13_41.865

So it was Friday night and we wanted to explore some food, what Helsinki has to offer? Went to this really nice pizzeria called Putte’s Bar & Pizza with these two handsome guys. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture to show you but I had a pizza with mozzarella, blue cheese and walnuts – insane! Great vegetarian options. The walnuts were whole and felt like a substitute for meat.  We didn’t need to wait for long and all their staff was friendly, can really recommend this place in Helsinki. They had some cool posters and pop-up art on the walls.


After having some food and wine we did a nice walk around the city. I won’t go too much into details but I took few pictures to show you. Our visit was in December and temperatures around -10 degrees in Helsinki. Such a beautiful city at night-time.






I had the best holiday! Was so lovely to see friends and family. And luckily – this time it won’t be too long until my next trip…


thevegescandi x