Christmas in Finland

This year was really special for me, I had the opportunity to spent Christmas eve with my family and this weekend have another Christmas in the UK with my boyfriend’s family. In Finland everything was covered in snow and the coldest we experienced this year was -19 degrees!! So cold… It was so beautiful and special as unfortunately you forget after living abroad for so long. When I was younger and still living back home I didn’t appreciate things like I do now. A very good friend of mine said a few days ago, “you need to look very far to be able to see very close”.


I was planning to write and post pictures whilst I was in Finland but we didn’t have good internet so I decided to just enjoy the time off, not worry about social media and share bits with you later. I am sitting in a plane back to London right now. Flying makes me really nervous so this is a great way to distract from it.

We started our holiday from Gatwick last Saturday. If you are looking for a bigger snack, lunch or dinner and you are a veggie eater, they have got great options for vegans and vegetarians at Wagamama’s. I had Vegan Pad Thai with tofu and a pineapple & spinach smoothie. So tasty and 100% plant-based!



After landing on Saturday we drove to Lahti, which is a small skiing town where I’m from, about 150km North from Helsinki. I went to see some old friends the next morning and had the best homemade ginger bread cookies! My friend’s daughters baked these a few nights before, the cutest little girls! I’m really looking forward to having a Christmas one day with my own kids, it will be really special in a different way. It’s always so nice to see old friends happy and well. I think it was -12 degrees on that Sunday and I felt like that 10-year-old again. Walking around in the same neighbourhood where I grew up, listening the snow crunching underneath my feet and feeling the cold air in my lungs.

The older I get, the more I’ve realised how important it’s to have those little moments on your own. Don’t get me wrong it’s so lovely to share moments with your other half or your best friend but sometimes it’s good to do things on your own, not talk to anyone or be on your phone, just experience what’s around you and live in the moment.

Before heading out to Hartola for Christmas Eve, we decided to visit the harbour in Lahti. It was freezing cold, but so beautiful. It feels so special to be able to share things like this with my boyfriend for the first time, temperatures and places where I spent most of my time growing up.


We got to the cottage later on that evening. At this time of the year, our little cottage in Hartola is surrounded by deep forest and a frozen river. I have needed a holiday for a long time so it was really nice to get there. Our Christmases are about spending time with the family, Sauna, Disney classics and eating great food.


Christmas Eve was an absolute gem!





Where did you spent your Christmas this year?

thevegescandi x