Motivation or Discipline?

Happy weekend everyone! Just having my morning coffee in my pyjamas, favourite bit of the week. No need to rush anywhere and I can start planning what we’ll have for breakfast. Our Saturdays are all about food, chilling and occasionally going out with friends.


Yesterday I finished work at 11am. Fridays I only work for three hours so I can get other things done. I’m feeling really happy that it worked out so well as I think it’s so important to have the right work personal life balance and my own time to be creative.

After having lunch at home, I ended up watching The Holiday (great christmas film if you haven’t seen it yet, put it on your list). In the morning I was planning to come home after work, eat, go for a run, cook food that I can share here with you – do all these things, be productive, but after coming home I started feeling super lazy. Thinking, it’s just not happening. These days we all are busy with different stuff and I think it’s so important to take that time to yourself when ever you can, for me that was a movie on my own. Get up earlier when everyone else is still sleeping so you have the time just for yourself or be on your own for an hour in the evening. Do a face mask, eat something you love, do yoga, whatever suits you the best and makes you feel good about yourself. Take the time to recharge.

I ate, watched the movie and thought I should go for a run, because I will feel better if I do it. This is when I started thinking about the word “motivation”, what is motivation? If I think about exercising, it makes me feel great but it all comes down to self-discipline not being motivated to be fit. Fitness and other benefits happens way later. I have days, almost everyday when I feel like I have to push myself to go for a run or to the gym, but I do it to feel healthier and to release the endorphins, that make you feel the best! Exercise effects so much on your physical and mental health, and it took me years to realise it.

So many people judge, if you share how exercising makes you feel and this probably comes down to the fact that these people can’t be arsed to exercise themselves. But you should never feel bad about being healthier and going through all that hard work. Exercising is really hard some days, fun other days. Remember that most of us would love to sleep in, or go to the pub instead of the gym. We are all human, no one’s perfect.


I felt really lucky yesterday to run with these views. Absolutely love living on the coast. We have been here almost two years now, hard to imagine living anywhere else. If you ever ask yourself, should I go and exercise, just do it!  Do it for yourself. It has taken me two years to fall in love with exercise and still find it hard some days.

Motivation or discipline, definitely self-discipline!