Are you getting excited for Christmas?

Where are you spending christmas this year? I am starting to get pretty excited about the holiday season.. I am off to Finland on the 22nd for a white christmas, escaping the rain in the UK. We always have christmas feast, but this year is going be a bit different for me. I tried to explain my grandparents, that I don’t eat meat and they seem not to get it at all haha. “What do you mean you don’t eat any ham?”


I will have to do a big christmas shop in the local supermarket after arriving and plan my recipes beforehand. Lots of people have told me that Finland currently has a great selection of vegetarian and vegan products, really looking forward to do some shopping there.

Can’t wait to be in the middle of the woods and cook, listen to christmas songs and of course wear pyjamas all day! And have REAL Sauna… If you know any Finnish people, you do know we are obsessed with saunas. There is not really any other way of explaining it, other than it’s the best thing in the world. Great place to socialize and it’s really good for your circulation, specially if you are doing the old-fashioned, running from 120 degrees Sauna to outside and role in the snow! You feel so much tingling through out your whole body, really hard to describe that otherwise. Following sauna a glass of Glögi – similar to mulled wine. Finnish version is spiced liquor with cloves, cinnamon and ginger, will share more about this in few weeks.



I have always loved christmas, even now I know it’s a really commercial holiday and bad for our environment but I still love it. Sharing, being with the people you love the most, having the time off work and just relaxing.. I will take my camera and laptop with me so I can share all about it this year.

What’s your favourite thing about christmas?